Dissertation Abstracts of PhD Graduates – Economics – University of Kansas

Name Year Dissertation Title Advisor
Jing Fu 2017 Essays on Women Immigrants' Labor Supply, Time Use and the Impact of E-Verify Policy Donna Ginther
Yue Feng 2017 Three Essays on Extensive-Form Games and Strategic Complements Tarun Sabarwal
Neepa Gaekwad Babulal 2017 Essays on Multilateral Divisia Monetary Aggregates for Euro Area William Barnett
Akwasi "Kay" Nti-Addae 2017 The Political Economy of Wealth Inequality and Property Ownership Mohamed El-Hodiri
John Francois 2017 Essays on Macroeconomic Implications of International Capital Flow and Fiscal Uncertainty Shu Wu
Indrani Manna 2017 'Essays in Monetary and Macroprudential Policies' William Barnett
Liting Su 2017 Measurement of the Credit Card Augmented Monetary Service Flows in the Economy William Barnett
Sijun Yu 2016 Essays on Time Inconsistent Policy William Barnett
Rachel Childers 2016 Essays in Health Economics Donna Ginther
Zachary Raff 2016 Labor Impacts of the Enforcement of the Clean Water Act Dietrich Earnhart
Davut Ayan 2016 Three Essays on the Employment of Veterans Donna Ginther
Oguz Tumturk 2016 The Predictability of Exchange Rate Mohamed El-Hodiri
Alex Teney 2016 Essays on Government Spending and Employment Donna Ginther
Biyan Tang 2016 Three Essays on Divisia Monetary Aggregates and GDP Nowcasting William Barnett
Dasha Milakhina 2016 Essays on Labor Economics Donna Ginther
Shangwen Huang 2016 Essays on Measuring Monetary Policy Uncertainty and Forecasting Business Cycle at Zero Interest Rate Shu Wu
Taufiq Dawood 2016 Three Essays on Monetary Policy in Small Open and Developing Economies William Barnett
Soumya Bhadury 2016 Bringing 'Money' Back in Monetary Models of Exchange Rate William Barnett
Saleh Alodayni 2016 Three Essays on Macroeconomics, Oil Price Fluctuations, and Credit Risks in Banking System Elizabeth Asiedu
Boniface Yemba 2015 Three Essays on Optimal Tax and Monetary Policy Rules William Barnett
Hengwei Qi 2015 Bayesian Vector Autoregressions and its Application in Macroeconomics Shu Wu
Erhan Oruc 2015 Estimating Exchange Market Pressure: New Approach Shigeru Iwata
Andrew Keinsley 2015 Essays in Monetary and Fiscal Policy Shu Wu
Eric Hoffmann 2015 Essays on Games of Strategic Substitutes with Incomplete Information Tarun Sabarwal
Toshiyuki Wakana 2014 Estimating Permanent and Transitory Components of Economic Recovery: A Case of Banking Crises Shigeru Iwata
Huy Nguyen 2014 Essays on International Risk Sharing Shigeru Iwata
Andrew "Lee" Smith 2014 Monetary Policy in Financial Economies John Keating
Julia Brandes 2014 Essays in Environmental Economics Dietrich Earnhart
Anne-Christine Barthel 2014 Essays on Monotone Comparative Statics for Constrained Optimization Problems with Applications Tarun Sabarwal
Mingming Zheng 2014 Essays on Real Exchange Rates and Theoretical Monetary Aggregation William Barnett
Danai Tanamee 2014 Forward Premium Puzzle Shigeru Iwata
Yusufu Kamara 2014 Essays on the Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth and Welfare: The Case of Sub-Saharan Africa Mohamed El-Hodiri
Fabrio Kacaribu 2014 Essays in Linear and Nonlinear Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models William Barnett
Oleksandr Lugovskyy 2013 Essays on International Trade Ted Juhl
Salah Alsayaary 2013 Institutions, Natural Resources, and Economic Development in the MENA Countries Elizabeth Asiedu
Kablan Alkahtani 2013 The Effects of the Fiscal Policy on Economic Activity in Saudi Arabia: An Empirical Analysis Mohamed El-Hodiri
Ryan Mattson 2013 Essays on Broad Divisia Monetary Aggregates for the United States William Barnett
Jia Liu 2013 A Study on Volatility Dynamics of World Stock Returns (PDF) Shigeru Iwata
Peng Chen 2013 Three Essays on Stock Market Dynamics (PDF) Shu Wu
Ryadh Alkhareif 2013 Essays on Divisia Monetary Aggregation: Applications to the Gulf Monetary Union William Barnett
Ibrahima Diallo 2013 Comparative Analysis of the Preference Independence Transformation under Rotterdam and Aids Model Frameworks (PDF) William Barnett
Taniya Ghosh 2013 Bifurcation Analysis of Growth Markets (PDF) William Barnett
Josephine Cruz Lugovskyy 2012 Essays on Aset Pricing and Political Risk (PDF) Shu wu
Han Li 2012 Empirical Study of Monetary Policy Shigeru Iwata
Sung Jin Lim 2012 Numerical Approximation to Calculate the Cost-of-Living and its Emperical Solution William Barnett
Lili Chen 2012 Three Essays on Empirical Macroeconomics and Financial Markets (PDF) William Barnett
Hajar Aghababa 2012 Dynamic Structure and Nonlinear Analysis in the Energy Markets William Barnett
Andrew Monaco 2012 Essays on the Theory of Lattice Games with Applications (PDF) Tarun Sabarwal
Isaac Kanyama 2012
Shifting Preferences and Time-Varying Parameters in Demand Analysis: A Monte Carlo Experiment
William Barnett
Serena H. Huang 2011 An Evaluation of Skilled Immigration Donna Ginther
Sumanta 'Ronnie' Mukherjee 2011 Three Essays on Child Health and Skill Outcomes (PDF) Donna Ginther
Unal Eryilmaz 2011 Bifurcation Analysis of Open Economy New Keynesian Models (PDF) William Barnett
Sanjibani Banerjee 2011 Bifurcation Analysis of Zellner's Marshallian Macroeconomic Model (PDF) William Barnett
Wei Zhou 2010 Pricing Kernel Specification for User Cost of Monetary Assets (PDF) William Barnett
Ikuyasu Usui 2010 Application of Consumer Demand System: Estimation of the Cost of a Child in Japan Using Expenditure Dependent Equivalance Scales. (PDF) William Barnett
Zaier Aouani
Bernard Cornet
Dogan Karaman
William Barnett
Mamdooh Alsahafi
Linear and Nonlinear Techniques for Estimating the Money Demand Function for Saudi Arabia
William Barnett
Abdullah AlHarbi
William Barnett
Abdullah Alhassan

Shu Wu 
Ted Juhl

Ramu Gopalan 2008 Contributions to Inter-Temporal Models in Financial Economics Bernard Cornet
Vic Valcarcel 2008 Essays in Macroeconomic Analysis John Keating
Seunghae "Grace" O 2008 The World According to GARP: Nonparametic Weak Separability test and its Monte Carlo Studies (PDF) William Barnett
Hisaya Kitaoka 2008 Do U.S. Tariff Reductions Explain rising Wage Inequality?: The Case of U.S. Tariffs on Imports from Countries having Free Trade Agreement with the U.S. (PDF) Joseph Sicilian
Hiroshi Murao 2008 Three Essays in Applied Econometrics (PDF) Shigeru Iwata
John Mark Leonard 2007 An Empirical Microeconomic Study of the Entrepreneur (PDF)

Donna Ginther 
Dietrich Earnhart

Logan J. Kelly 2007 Of Stocks and Flows: Measuring the Stock of Money (PDF) William Barnett
Evgeniya Aleksandrovna Duzhak 2007 Bifurcation Analysis of New Keynesian Functional Structure (PDF) William Barnett
Ousman Seck 2006  Monte Carlo Experiments and Consumer Demand Modeling (PDF) William Barnett
Marian Martinez 2006 Fiscal Convergence within a Customs Union (PDF) Joshua Rosenbloom